Manatee Bay Aftercare Program Creates Life Long Learners

Two Manatee Bay students playing a game

Students at Manatee Bay Elementary School actually look forward to staying after school. That’s because they want to participate in the school’s new MBE 2.0 aftercare program. It offers a carefully crafted mix of enrichment programs that cater to all interests.

“Our mission statement is ‘We are a Community of Life Long Learning,’” shares MBE 2.0 Director Stephanie Murphy. “Here, students can explore and challenge themselves through various activities and programs.”

Academic programs include Robotics, STEM, Foreign Language, as well as American Sign Language. Students enrolled in the foreign language program are currently learning Spanish; next semester they will study French.

The Robotics and STEM programs build upon Manatee Bay’s already exceptional academic curriculum. According to Mrs. Murphy, “We balance learning and fun at MBE 2.0 and we believe elementary school builds the foundation and sets the tone of their lifetime of learning, so we offer subject matters our students are taught during their school hours for continued enrichment.”

Other MBE 2.0 programs allow children to further develop their creative selves. The Drama and Chorus program will present two productions during the school year; a December show for the holiday season and an end of the school year production in May. In Arts and Crafts, students express themselves while learning that a picture can mean more than a thousand words.

Mrs. Murphy points out that MBE 2.0 focuses on health and wellness with programs such as Karate, Hip Hop, and Organized Outdoor Play. In Kidz Kitchen, students are learning to prepare tasty treats.

“All of our recipes are healthy, and we encourage our students to also try fruits and vegetables that are new to them,” states Mrs. Murphy.

She is pleased with the reception to the roll-out of MBE 2.0. Approximately 250 students are currently enrolled. Mrs. Murphy says it’s a mix of kids whose parents (or guardian) work late hours or those who need assistance with getting their child’s homework completed, as well as parents who want to enroll their child in quality after-school enrichment activities. All of the classes are taught by experts in their field who have previous experience in child care.