Nova Middle School Wins Democracy In Action Competition: Life Skills Bill Heads to Florida Legislature

In a triumph of youthful innovation, Nova Middle School pre-law students have emerged victorious in the 2023/24 BCPS Democracy in Action competition. This Broward County Public Schools initiative, designed to ignite civic engagement, invited middle and high schools to craft bill proposals with the potential to transform into state laws in Florida. Outshining the competition, Nova Middle School’s winning proposal, demanding the inclusion of a Life Skills Class in Public High Schools, is now on the cusp of legislative consideration.

Out of the 13 compelling bill proposals from eight schools, Nova Middle School’s forward-thinking vision stood out. Their proposal, aimed at equipping high school students with essential life skills, caught the attention of House Representatives Dan Daley and Daryl Campbell. The winning bill, now officially filed as HB 1085 – Life Skills, has garnered co-sponsorship from these influential legislators, propelling it towards the forefront of Florida’s legislative agenda.

The brainchild of Nova Middle pre-law students, the winning proposal emerged after careful consideration of both personal and communal needs. The bill’s criteria mandated that it should serve the public interest, align with State and Federal Constitutions, respect constitutional rights, and come with minimal implementation costs. Alongside the winning life skills class, alternative proposals showcased the students’ diverse perspectives, encompassing ideas like a four-day school week, mandatory provision of feminine hygiene products in school bathrooms, and campus recycling initiatives.

The proposed life skills class, now under serious consideration by the Florida House, promises a comprehensive curriculum. Ranging from resume writing and financial literacy to practical skills like changing a tire and basic cooking, the course reflects a holistic approach to preparing students for real-world challenges. If successfully adopted, this groundbreaking initiative could redefine education in the state, turning the vision of Nova Middle School’s pre-law students into a transformative reality for Florida’s high school students.