Eagle Point Elementary’s Storybook Parade 2023: A Symphony of Joy and Musical Inspiration with Cypress Bay Sound of Thunder Marching Band

The annual Storybook Parade at Eagle Point Elementary School was nothing short of thrilling this year. Principal Christy de Zayas, who initiated this tradition 12 years ago alongside the Cypress Bay Sound of Thunder marching band, has successfully turned it into a beloved annual event. 

Students from both schools enthusiastically adorned themselves in costumes inspired by their favorite books, creating a vibrant parade along Indian Trace. Each grade had its own special moment in front of the school, where they could enjoy live excerpts from the Sound of Thunder’s 2023 “Timeless” show.

Stephanie Bescherelle, President of the Cypress Bay Band Boosters, shared her delight, saying, “The most rewarding part was witnessing the sheer awe on the faces of the little ones as they discovered and watched the band… especially those who were dancing or already ‘conducting’ along with our drum majors. 

For the band members, it’s both fun and inspiring to see how they can impact younger generations with their love of music. We are also deeply thankful to the EPE Foundation for their unwavering support, providing the bus ride and treats for our students.”

The band members were treated like royalty after their performance, enjoying donuts and coffee in the cafeteria. Special moments were captured with EPE alumni, Band Seniors, and different sections of the band. 

Mrs. De Zayas expressed her gratitude in a heartwarming speech, thanking them for adding a special touch to the event and encouraging them to keep music as a central part of their adult lives.

This event is part of a broader initiative at Eagle Point Elementary to expose students to the world of Performing Arts. The success of the Strings Orchestra, led by Dr. Spengler, the music teacher at Eagle Point for the past three years, has inspired Principal De Zayas to introduce a beginner band, percussion, and chorus program for her students in the upcoming 2023-24 school year.