Rotary Club Weston Celebrates 37 Years of Community Impact

As the Rotary Club Weston approaches its 37th anniversary, it stands as a shining example of unwavering dedication to community service. From its humble beginnings with founder Steven Press to its current leader, Cristiano Nicolucci, this club has consistently delivered assistance to both the local and international community.

Year after year, the club has excelled in its mission to make a positive impact. This past year has been a testament to its commitment, thanks to the support of vital sponsors such as Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital / Memorial Healthcare Systems, UKG, FHV – Michael Freedland, and the Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Foundation. The entire Weston community, including the city, Broward Sherrif’s Office, and countless volunteers, has rallied behind their initiatives.

One of the standout achievements has been the funding of scholarships for students from Cypress Bay and Western High Schools, with a grand total of about $200,000. Education has always been a core focus for the Rotary Club Weston, and this milestone demonstrates their unwavering dedication to nurturing future talent.

In addition to their local efforts, the club has also supported global initiatives. Contributions of over $90,000 to the Foundation for international projects including Disaster Relief activities and the Polio Plus project showcase their commitment to tackling worldwide issues.

Not stopping there, the club has financed local charities, including Feeding South Florida, YMCA Weston, Habitat for Humanity, Harvest Drive, and several others with donations surpassing $65,000. These contributions are a testament to their dedication to the betterment of their immediate community.

The Rotary Club of Weston’s achievements are a collective effort, and they extend their heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers, high school student associations, the local community, fellow Rotary club members, and the 36 presidents who have been instrumentals in their journey. 

Together, they stand united in celebrating these remarkable successes, reaffirming their commitment to making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

  • Steven Press 
  • Jack Miller 
  • Mike Kriedel
  • Jim Hayes 
  • Mark Alexander 
  • Phil Weisberg
  • Mel Harris 
  • Steve Wasserman 
  • Robert Haddock
  • Bruce Kier
  • Alan Gross
  • Tom Burnaw 
  • Douglas Maymon
  • John Turner
  • Ken Ruiz
  • Jim Norton
  • Joe Altschul 
  • Joe Roth
  • Gaston Reborredo
  • Michael Freedland
  • Anthony Russo
  • Deborah O’Connor
  • Larry Herman
  • Dan Young
  • Chuck Yeh
  • Carolyn Burk
  • Eugene Harvey, Jr
  • Mark Huard
  • Julian Gazzano, Jr
  • Mary Beth Casey
  • Brad Coren
  • Frank Walker
  • John Cross
  • Jesus Jay Sanchez
  • Pete Pecci
  • Edwina Auguste
  • Cristiano Nicolucci