Roundabouts Getting Much Needed Attention

Anyone concerned with the appearance of Hollywood in general, and the Lakes area, in particular, will see our roundabouts sorely need attention. The HLCA has been concerned about them for quite some time. Thanks to an agreement with the new Director of Public Works, Joseph Kroll, members and residents will be working with the Department to “rehab” them over the next few months.  

As you can see, the roundabouts need paint, they need signs (repaired or replaced) and they need PLANTS! Native plants to be specific. 

Thankfully, our civic association and Alex Bruno, a director, will be donating the much-needed plants. HLCA members will be getting them in the ground and helping to water/maintain them until they are well established. 

We were hoping to salvage the bromeliads on 13th / Tyler and supplement the pups with grasses, however, the 1000-year flooding changed our plans. At both Harrison and Tyler Streets, the Alexander palms will remain, and we will now be planting the Florida native, locustberry (Byrsonima lucinda.)

This project will largely encourage increased use of locustberry to help the highly endangered Florida duskywing butterfly, as it’s the only larval plant for this butterfly. The project is modeled on the successful program to save the Atala butterfly with the plantings of coontie in many locations.

On the roundabouts on Johnson Street, the inner tiles will be removed. Slash Pine surrounded by (dwarf) Firebush, as well as, Firecracker plants will be planted.  Once these native plants are established, they are drought tolerant and need minimal maintenance. As Clive Taylor, a former director and historian of all things Hollywood, has noted, Slash Pine once dotted the landscape of South Florida and Hollywood. These Pines grew in the dry, sandy, nutrient-poor soil with no irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides and were also known as Dade County Pine. They were a prized building material because of their resistance to termites as well as being extremely hard and dense.  Early images of Hollywood, before being developed, show these pines dominating the landscape.  We will be returning to our native trees while protecting the environment from both pesticides and fertilizers.

Some of you have already volunteered (THANK YOU) and we welcome anyone who wants to pitch in.  When we have a more definitive timeline/plans coordinated with Public Works, I will send an email alert. Our general idea is for (somewhat, cooler!) morning plantings with the rainy season helping to bolster our watering efforts. 

If you want to help, my email is [email protected] or phone (954) 920-7715
and Alex’s is (954) 673-7739. His email is [email protected]

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