SUN CREDIT UNION Helping Hollywood Residents Achieve Financial Goals Since 1946

SUN Credit Union is the only Hollywood-based financial institution. The not-for-profit credit union was founded in 1946 with a simple idea: put their members’ needs first.  SUN Credit Union has changed significantly over the years, but it has always put its members’ best interests at heart.  

SUN Credit Union is a financial institution that is owned by its members, not shareholders.  Traditionally, they offer loans with lower interest rates, and provide higher rates on savings, with fewer and lower fees than banks.

Large Bank Services with Home-Town Atmosphere

“We offer fixed, low-interest rates on revolving personal loans and lines of credit in, what is elsewhere, a rising, variable-rate environment,” said President & CEO Patrick Mason, “Those looking to manage their budget and increase their in-pocket savings would do well to talk to us.”

SUN Credit Union offers a wide range of consumer loan products, including vehicle financing, credit cards, Home Equity Lines of Credit, and first mortgages. Familiarity with their members (SUN’s management staff has an average tenure of over 17 years) is what makes going to the credit union feel more like visiting with an old friend than making a financial transaction. 

Safe, Insured Deposits

The safety of funds in banks and credit unions has been top-of-mind for consumers recently.  SUN Credit Union is considered a financially “Well Capitalized” institution by the National Credit Union Administration. Deposits up to $250,000 are federally insured.

Interest rates have increased quite a bit in the past months. A wise consumer should look at their billing statements and the interest rates that they are paying on loans, and be open to switching to another financial institution.
Often, a South Florida resident deposits funds in a financial institution that is siphoning funds from the local community.  SUN Credit Union has been local going on 77 years. They keep your money working here, in the local community.

SUN Credit Union has two convenient locations at 4205 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood and 701 Promenade Drive in Pembroke Pines. To open an account, apply for a loan, or learn more visit or call 954-967-4441 to schedule an appointment with one of their friendly staff members.