BREAKING NEWS! Panther Run’s WPRE News is On the Air

Student journalists at Panther Run Elementary School have brand new equipment to film and edit their productions, thanks to the Panther Run Elementary PTA. The new equipment will enable students to produce professional videos to publish on the school’s youtube channel.

The new equipment included video editing software and hardware, computers, monitors, and camera equipment. The equipment was installed in its new home last month and is already being used by the students. 

“We are thrilled to announce that your PTA has been able to purchase brand new equipment for Panther Run’s WPRE News Room,” said the PTA in a Facebook announcement, “This could not be accomplished without your continued support of our organization and the school. Thank you, from PTA!”

Panther Run’s broadcast program is part of a larger trend among Elementary Schools, encouraging students to be active in journalism and video production. Many elementary schools have their own student-run news programs or broadcasts. Students are involved in creating news segments, conducting interviews, and reporting on school events. These programs allow students to develop journalism skills, such as researching, writing, and presenting information.

Some schools also offer media clubs or electives specifically focused on journalism and video production. These extracurricular activities provide students with hands-on experience in writing articles, creating videos, and editing content. Students learn about the basics of journalism, storytelling, filming techniques, and video editing software. The student WPRE News crew even had the chance to visit a production at Univision last month.