Gaia Spa Offers Harmony and Balance in the Heart of Weston

The recently opened Gaia Spa in Weston is an oasis away from the grind of everyday life. Its serene environment, coupled with the exceptional skill of its therapists will help even the most stressed-out person relax and discover their inner Zen.

Life’s most joyful moods and moments should be our focus. They should last as you connect to the world, to the community, and to yourself. The staff at Gaia Spa helps make this happen. Every treatment, detail, space, and technique has been carefully crafted by experts to bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Be it a plush robe, the serene ambiance or the caring touch of a therapist, your needs will be taken care of. All experiences here are customized to meet your unique needs, while the service and luxurious touches remain exceptional.

Private Sauna & Salt Suite

Gaia Spa is unique in the Weston area. It is the only Day Spa that features a private salt suite. The floor of the room is covered in pink Himalayan salt giving you the feeling of stepping out onto a beautiful beach. You will feel the benefits as soon as you enter and begin breathing in the pure Epsom salt. Private 45 minute sessions in the salt suite are favorites of spa-goers everywhere and are now available close to home.

The private sauna is another feature that Gaia Spa brings to the community. This room offers the benefits of dry heat, healing energy radiating from their infrared mats, and a personal shower to complete your hot and cold therapy. But the popularity of saunas has grown over the years thanks to their many science-backed benefits. Some benefits of regular sauna use include improved heart and mental health, relief of chronic pain, and relaxation.


Gaia Spa offers a full menu of spa services, including massages, facials, meditation time in the salt suite, and private time in the sauna suite. Their miraculous team of experts and therapists use the power of touch to relieve chronic tension, increase circulation, and melt your troubles away. Massages promote restful sleep, unwound muscles, and a calmer mind. In other words, serenity.

Their expert estheticians tailor a one-of-a-kind facial that will sweep away dull skin, prevent wrinkles, and clear your pores. Leave feeling radiant. Gaia also offers a number of Rituals which include several services. Go on a journey as they completely immerse your senses and skin with the Oasis Ritual. 

It starts with a 60-minute Salt Stone Massage that uses a heart-shaped Himalayan salt stones to relax, rejuvenate and infuse your muscles with 84 naturally occurring minerals. Afterward, you will envelope yourself in a dome of 90% pure oxygen with Gaia’s 60-minute Oxygen Infusion Facial leaving your skin wrinkle-free and soft.


Gaia Spa offers two membership levels for discerning people focused on self-improvement. Their Unity Membership includes a monthly 60-minute Signature Session each month, plus discounts on other services available at the spa. The Harmony Membership includes all the benefits of the Unity Membership plus a private sauna suite and private salt suite session each month.

Gaia Spa is located at 4563 Weston Road in the Weston Commons.
Call 954-365-888 or visit to book your next experience today.