Jeanne Albaugh Showers Love on Broward County’s Homeless

Helping people with the bus

There are angels among us. It may not seem like it. But there are. People with such a strong sense of empathy that they change their lives in service of the less fortunate. Jeanne Albaugh is one of these people. In 2016 Jean and a small group of friends founded Showering Love

Showering Love is a 501c3 Non-profit that provides mobile showers, new undergarments, socks, hygiene kits, and other supportive services for the homeless. The organization provides these services by using a novel idea: a bus named “Grace.”

“Grace” is a 44 foot former Miami City Bus that has been converted into a self-contained mobile shower platform equipped with 2 handicap-accessible private showers and restroom facilities. Showering Love meets Guests where they are, and partners with churches, universities, government agencies, law enforcement, hairstylists & barbers, meal-sharing programs, and other non-profits. 

Jeanne knows a thing or two about being homeless. She spent ten years on the streets of Broward County without a home. After some unfortunate events in her life, Jeanne went from living on Park Avenue to a park bench. 

“I scurried around from place to place and slept wherever I could,” said Jeanne, “I begged for money, holding a sign under a bridge. People graciously gave me food and money, but, without a place to shower, my hygiene and personal appearance deteriorated.”

Jeanne took advantage of numerous programs to help the homeless addressed her issues and became self-sufficient. She, however, will never forget those dark desolate nights and decided to dedicate herself to helping homeless people regain their dignity.

In addition to personal hygiene, Showering Love offers haircuts, backpacks, wellness checks, hot meals, and non-perishable food. They also connect homeless people with health care programs. Most importantly, Grace provides opportunities for guests and volunteers to break down barriers, and form relationships within the community.

Showering Love is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. To donate, learn more or find other ways to support their mission, visit