Local Humanitarian Gives “Back” in a Big Way

Not too long ago, Tamara Callins-Young created a social media page on Facebook titled “Random Acts of Kindness -RAOK” in an effort to teach her children how important it is to show kindness to everyone especially those less fortunate. The page has since inspired others to get involved and build a positive platform for future generations.

Although Callins-Young says she cannot cook, she wanted to feed the homeless. Pasta was always a meal she made well, so she managed to serve up a spaghetti dinner from the back of her truck. Since that day her humanitarian deeds have not ceased. She travels around South Broward County and Miami-Dade passing out food and basic supplies to those on street corners.

Her latest endeavor has been creating backpacks for the people in Abaco who lost everything due to Hurricane Dorian. She drafted a plan to collect backpacks because it could serve multiple purposes. It could be easily carried by both children and adults and be the perfect place for storage.

“I believe I was born a humanitarian seeing my mother welcome people into our home, helping them get on their feet, and caring for eleven foster children. So, I just did what came naturally. Watching the news and seeing the aftermath of the storm and the living conditions of the Bahamian men, women, and children really touched my heart and I knew right away, what I had to do,” said Callins-Young.

Through the help of her Facebook friends and family members the altruistic Plantation resident collected backpacks, air mats, non-perishable groceries, towels, washcloths, and hygiene supplies to send to those people who lost everything. She contacted Chris Allen, owner of Air Flight Charters, who did not hesitate to help. Allen and his crew have been making deliveries directly to the citizens of Abaco and Treasure Cay two-three times a week free of charge.

Gandhi says, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ I say, smile or make someone smile, change or be the change in someone’s day,” added Tamara Callins. “These are the words I live by. If someone cannot do what we can do, we need to help. We are all human.”

To give non-monetary donations, please feel free to contact Tamara Callins-Young at 754-707-9692.