City Parks Promote Fun and Fitness

The newly renovated Indian Trace Park is set to open just in time for the start of the school year. It will offer new recreational facilities for use by students at Indian Trace Elementary as well as the Weston community. 

Director of Parks and Recreation Don Decker says after 20 years, Indian Trace Park needed an update. “There is a good chance that many residents did not know that the land next to the school was actually a City park. The City of Weston wanted to improve accessibility to the park, including walkways and parking, and add amenities that were reflective of the experience at our other parks.”

Residents can now access the park through a parking lot on Saddle Club Road, while the school can enter the facilities through gates that can be locked from the school-side. Decker says this is the same arrangement the City has at Gator Run Park and Windmill Ranch Park, both of which are also adjacent to elementary schools. 

The park features a resurfaced basketball court and resurfaced multi-purpose court, as well as a baseball field and multi-purpose field. Another exciting improvement is the addition of fitness stations, including an ab crunch/leg lift, cardio stepper, chest/back press, pull-up/dip and an elliptical station. 

Decker says the City is committed to improving the recreational opportunities available to residents. “One sure fire way to combat childhood and adult obesity and related health risks is to create outdoor spaces that people want to be in. The City of Weston is constantly striving to maintain and improve the residents’ experience.”

The entire park was designed with accessibility in mind. According to Decker, the fitness equipment and playground are ADA compliant with rubber surfacing that promotes safety and accessibility. The walkways, restrooms and parking lot are all built in ADA compliance as well.

This fall, the City will break ground on Bonaventure Park. Located at the corner of Racquet Club Road and Botaniko South, it is the first public park located within the Bonaventure community.  

It, too, will provide hours of fun and fitness for residents. Bonaventure Park will offer a half-court basketball court, like the one at Emerald Estates Park, and fitness stations. Decker says Bonaventure Park will include some of the more popular pieces of equipment, like the pull-up/dip, as well as some unique elements like a squat press and stretching station.

He says all ages will enjoy the new playground, which features built-in shade elements. “We are planning some unique playground experiences so that those families who like to mix it up with different experiences will have the opportunity to do so.”

Both Bonaventure Park and Indian Trace Park will feature Fixit bike repair stations. “Cycling is a popular activity in our community and having Fixit stations strategically placed around the City provides a convenience,” explains Decker.