7 Spring Break Ideas for Families Staying at Home

Spring Break is just around the corner. Many people, from around the country, will soon visit the beautiful beaches of South Florida. Here are some spring break activity ideas for those of us already lucky enough to live here.

Spring Break Day Camp

There are camps and activities for almost any interest. Whether your little one aspires to be the next David Beckham, the next Picasso or the next Gloria Estefan, there is likely a camp or activity right around the corner! Look over the next few pages to find information about areas camps that might interest your child.

Everglades Airboat Ride

Give the kids the thrill of a lifetime while riding on an airboat through the untouched landscape of the Everglades. You will get to see some of Florida’s most exotic wild life including, of course the American Alligator. For more info contact Everglades Holliday Park at 954-434-8111.

Video Game Olympics

Video games aren’t just for kids! There are tons of entertaining video games that families can play together. Our family likes to buy some movie candy, pop some popcorn and go at it. Favorites for family time on the Xbox or PS4 include sing-along games like American Idol, Sports contest like the Madden football franchise or even Dance Revolution.

Staycation at a local Hotel

One of the most exciting parts of traveling is staying in a new place, especially for kids. One thing South Florida has an abundance of is great hotels. Families that don’t have the time or finances to travel during Spring Break can get most of the benefits while staying close to home. Families can choose from multi-star resorts like the Margaritaville Beach Resort or find something a bit less expensive off the coast. Mid-week overnight prices won’t kill the budget either!


There are bodies of water almost everywhere you go in South Florida. Almost all of them contain wildlife. There are few better ways to teach the benefits of perseverance and patients than dipping hooks into the water and waiting for a bite. Many Broward County Parks allow and encourage fishing. Be sure to have the appropriate licenses. For more info on fishing licenses check out www.myfwc.com.

Check Out a Museum

There are plenty of museum options to choose from in the area. Kids of all ages love the Museum of Discovery & Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection is a fascinating place to see many of the cars made famous in Hollywood films as well as some of the rarest Ferraris and Porsches the world over. Or, your family could check out marine life at the Miami Seaquarium. The opportunities are almost endless and, in many cases, just a short drive away.

The Beach

What better thing is there to do in South Florida when the kids are off school than go to the beach? There is certainly something for everyone: Hollywood Beach’s 1920s-style oceanfront promenade Broadwalk will appeal the nostalgic; Laid-back Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is a great place to spend the day eating ice cream, reading a book and enjoying a less-busy existence; Pompano Beach offers terrific shopping and dining; the kids could watch mighty cruise ships set sail at Fort Lauderdale Beach; or, families can get away from it all at the John U. Lloyd Beach Sate Park.

If you can’t get away, be sure to make this Spring Break one the remember anyway.