Turkey Giveaway Local Families Received Free Thanksgiving Fixings

Vice Mayor Alexandra P. Davis led a group of neighbors to make sure every family gets to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. The group gave away more than 300 turkeys on November 15th at Sunset Lakes Community Center and Miramar Multi-Service complex. Her efforts were matched the following week by Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne and Commissioner Maxwell Chambers.

“After leaving the western suburbs of Sunset Lakes where we donated over 150 turkeys to our residents, we culminated ‘Turkey Tuesday’ at our Multicultural Complex in our historic eastern section,” commented Commissioner Davis, “It was great to see some of my former students and parents all participating as we gave away another 150 turkeys! #ILoveMyCity” 

Not to be outdone, Mayor Wayne Messam also gave away turkeys with plenty of time before Thanksgiving. The turkey giveaways are yet another example of Miramar residents looking out for each other during the holiday season.