2022 Hollywood Marina Cardboard Boat Race was Better than Ever! 

In 2008, The Cardboard Boat Race in Hollywood was created to bring the community together for a fun family-friendly event while showcasing the City of Hollywood Marina’s facility and amenities. The festivities were initially organized by the marina staff, but within three years the race grew, and the Hollywood Special Events team was brought in to share the responsibility while the Marina then transitioned to become a division of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts.

The annual event at the Hollywood Marina is a huge hit for families with budding mariners. Each team got the opportunity to build their perfect vessel and take it on a cruise. 

Participants got into the competitive spirit by constructing a boat out of cardboard on-site for their team. They may also be constructed off-site, but competitors find it more exciting to design, construct, paint, and name their vessels with their fellow mates, all to win the title in the many fun categories. But it’s the coveted trophy that everyone paddles for.

“It doesn’t take long for wet cardboard to sink, but with expertly applied duct tape in strategic locations, crews can make a sea-worthy vessel float just long enough to make their way around the aqua course,” explained Joann Hussey, City of Hollywood Communications Manager.

 “The Cardboard Boat Race is a fantastic community event that brings friends and families, area schools, clubs and organizations, and land lovers together for an exciting day of good-natured racing competition on the water,” added Hussey.

This year, the competition was tough, but not for the courage of the mighty crews, the cardboard boats would have been lost!. Congratulations to all of the competitors and the luck winners who took home a trophy!

This year featured dinosaur boats, some space-age-looking ones, and quite a few sailors who got soaking wet. It is amazing what a bit of ingenuity, some old boxes, and a lot of duct tape can accomplish. 

We can not wait till next year!