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Weston’s Liberty Learning Center Keeps Kids on Track with One-on-One Tutoring During the Pandemic

Liberty Learning Center opened its doors this summer with one objective: to help students succeed in the classroom by helping them develop outstanding work habits to maximize their God-given talents. This mission transcends everything they do. The tutoring center offers students individualized attention through one-on-one instruction. Finding the study method that is best suited for each individual student is what makes them successful.

Liberty offers a broad number of different courses for families to choose from. They offer everything from basic language arts through college-level calculus instruction. They also provide test-prepartion services for most standardized tests, including high school entrance exams, the SAT or ACT and AP exams. 

We sat down with the Center Director to learn more.

Tell us about Liberty Learning Center.

Liberty Learning Center is a one-on-one tutoring center that focuses on all subjects and standardized testing for all grade levels from kindergarten thru college. 

What standardized tests to you focus on?

We have experts to help our students in all subjects and grade levels. Our test-prep services include FSA, EOC, High School Entrance Test (HSPT), SAT, ACT, GED, PERT, GRE, and many more.  We also specialize in AP Test prep for all subjects and offer help for families with kids in Florida Virtual School. 

What makes Liberty Learning different from other providers?

We are a one-on-one learning center where individualized attention is given to each student. Prior to enrolling at Liberty Learning, each student is given a pre-test. The results are then reviewed with the student’s parents in a one on one meeting.  Programs are then tailored to the individual need of each student. We also monitor student progress with daily lesson plans as well as evaluations at different times throughout the student’s time at Liberty.

We strive for excellence and to promote hard work and dedication to motivate students to achieve unmatched success in the classroom as well as in life. We exist to not only influence students to succeed academically but to develop outstanding work habits so they can tap into their God-given talents.

Also, the expertise of the teachers and staff at Liberty is unmatched by other centers. We have 15 years of experience in education and an outstanding history of success.

Many parents are concerned about COVID-19. Is Liberty doing anything different because of the pandemic?

Yes. We are adhering to or exceeding all of the CDC guidelines. The safety of our staff and students is the most important thing to us.

Are you currently accepting new students?

Yes! Plus, we don’t require contracts and we have no registration fees. All new students are eligible for a FREE reading evaluation. We encourage parents to contact us today!

How Can our readers schedule a reading evaluation or learn more?

Call our Weston office at
954-999-0828 or email us at
[email protected]