Stop the Bleed Training Teaches Lifesaving Skills

Did you know that uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable death? A person can bleed out in as little as two minutes, but it can take first responders over seven minutes to arrive. That’s why the Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services, in partnership with the City of Weston and Memorial Healthcare, offered free Stop the Bleed training classes on National Stop the Bleed Day – a one day call to action. Sixty-one people, of all ages, participated in the 45-minute class, which covered simple, life-saving information.

“The skills taught in this class will allow participants to provide assistance to themselves or others in the event of a life-threatening, blood-related emergency,” explains BSO Life Safety Educator Melanie Brocato. “This training can help save a life by offering immediate aid.”

Brocato says it is important for members of the community to know how to stop life-threatening bleeding because a victim can die within minutes if nothing is done to stop the bleeding. “It is possible for a person with no advanced first aid knowledge to provide help or render aid, much like hands-only CPR, before first responders arrive. By learning the skills to stop life-threatening bleeding, people can become immediate responders. An immediate response may help provide the best possible outcome for the injured person.”

The City of Weston has placed Bleeding Control Kits in all public schools and City facilities. Now it is encouraging residents to learn how and when to use these emergency response kits.

“Stop the Bleed participants learned what life-threatening bleeding looks like and how to stop it,” explains Brocato. “They learned about the equipment and tools in the Bleeding Control Kit and participated in hands-on training for how and when to use tourniquets, as well as other methods to stop life-threatening bleeding.”

Brocato says the feedback was very positive. “People felt comfortable that they know what to do and how to help someone suffering from life-threatening bleeding. They liked that they got hands-on practice with the tools in the Bleeding Control Kit that are placed throughout the city.”

Weston BSO Fire Rescue plans to offer more Stop the Bleed trainings in the future, in addition to its ongoing CPR classes. Class dates will be announced in NewsdayTuesday, Weston’s weekly e-newsletter.

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