Introducing Our Most Successful Weight Loss Program in 30 Years!

We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary new weight management plan, which has yielded remarkable results. Patients are shedding 20% of their body fat quickly and effortlessly, all without experiencing hunger or enduring grueling hours at the gym.

Dr. Veronica Valentine has always been at the forefront of weight management, addressing the costly and pervasive obesity challenge in the United States. Unfortunately, our obesity statistics are alarming compared to most other countries in the world, with the highest rate of severe obesity as of 2023.

Our comprehensive program includes:

A once-weekly injection of a natural peptide that curbs appetite by slowing down food digestion, keeping you feeling full for longer.

Three Lipolaser sessions, each involving 20 minutes of fat-burning infrared LED lights.

Three sessions of VibraWave therapy to aid in lymphatic drainage of the oils released from fat cells by the Lipolaser treatment.

Daily menu suggestions to maintain a healthy and energetic body while shedding excess fat.

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