Beyond the Badge: Sergeant Jennifer Martin’s Triumphs in Sports and Service

When Pembroke Pines Police Sergeant Jennifer Martin isn’t patrolling the streets of Pembroke Pines, you can probably find her in a pool. The world-class athlete and 15-year police veteran has quite a list of impressive accomplishments. 

Last month Sergeant Martin traveled to Winnipeg, Canada to participate in the 2023 World Police & Fire Games. She competed in nine traditional swimming events, as well as the two-mile open water swim.  She earned eight gold medals, two silver, and set four new World Records!  

Sergeant Martin’s success comes just six weeks after she traveled to San Diego, CA to compete in the United States Police & Fire Games.  While there, she won thirteen gold medals – setting eight new records in both swimming and indoor rowing events.  

Sergeant Martin does just excel in the pool. She has been a Drug Recognition Expert for over a decade and is the first female motor officer in the Pembroke Pines Police Force. Sergeant Martin graduated from the Broward Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Operator Course this year and is now assigned to the Traffic Unit. She can be seen on the street riding her Police motorcycle.

Regarding her athletic accomplishments, Sergeant Martin is understated. “It’s a break from work. It’s competitive, I like being competitive,” she said after competing in China in 2018, “There is no greater feeling than representing the United States of America and hearing your name called. It’s an absolute honor to be there on behalf of our country.”