Army Corps of Engineers Begins Work on Dania Beach

The US Army Corps of Engineers has begun on-site preparation/setup activities and coordination for the Shore Preservation Project that will add substantial amounts of new, fresh beach sand to Dania Beach. The project will widen the popular stretch of the beachfront and also protect the sand dune, parking lot, and facilities to the dune’s west from ocean surges during periods of storm-strength winds. Sand augmentation work is scheduled to begin on March 13th and will continue until roughly the end of April. 

The work began on the southern end of the beach and will gradually move northwards toward the pier. As the work progresses and the sand nourishing operation expands north, more sections of the beach will be closed, limiting its access during weekdays. There will typically be no work on the project on weekends, and the beachfront will be accessible on those two days. 

This significant improvement to Dania Beach’s oceanfront is expected to benefit the many residents and visitors who enjoy not only the surf and sand but also Dania Beach’s expanding amenities, including restaurants and the pier.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is a federal agency responsible for a wide range of engineering and construction projects. It is part of the Department of Defense but has both military and civilian personnel.

The Corps is responsible for a variety of civil works projects, including flood control, navigation, and environmental restoration. The work on Dania Beach is part of a larger “Broward County Shore Protection Project” that seeks to replenish and preserve the beach along Broward County’s Coastline.