2023 Weston World Fest Celebrates Culture, Cuisine & Performances

Weston World Fest was one beautiful, cultural, and amazing community event!  This 8th annual celebration of international cultures, cuisine and onstage performances took place on a hot and sunny Sunday, March 8 at Weston Regional Park.  Approximately 3000 visitors happily took part in the activities offered.

From the Theme Village with its inflatable elephant and neon-striped zebra along the safari wall plus 3 animal habitats to the many colorful, engaging and creative country booths, from the variety of onstage performances to the global cuisine in the expanded restaurant section, from the student volunteers to the adults, and from the ornate costuming by participants to the engaging displays by local nonprofits, the community experience was outstanding.

Founder and Director Carol Lema said, “The effort to express the theme this year was incredible.  Country booths, participating partner organizations, and even performers got into the spirit of highlighting this year’s theme “Animals of the Planet”.  There were tigers and bears, llamas, guinea pigs, sloths, monkeys, whales, cows, turtles, bobcats, Komodo dragons, tropical birds, butterflies, capybaras and more – even a booth where kids could “feed” the animals.”

Onstage, there were Taiko drums, Mexican guitars, Indian Veena instruments, Chinese dragons, strolling singers, and dances of many nationalities, providing a visual, musical extravaganza. A total of 13 different local restaurants offered cuisines and beverages of the world.

Annalisa Walker, the City of Weston’s Special Events Manager, observed, “It really does take a village to make an event of this caliber happen, and this year’s Weston World Fest did just that. It was exciting to see the community come together and immerse themselves in the cultures of the world.”

Laura Dobrzanski, President of the Arts Council of Greater Weston, summed it up.  “We were so pleased with the steady stem of visitors throughout the day.    Attendees of all ages enjoyed henna art, temporary tattoos, and a Jurassic photo op, kids filled their passports with stamps and a full crowd enjoyed the performances and the international food offerings. There was so much energy and excitement from the crowd throughout the day, it definitely highlighted how crucial it is for us to continue our efforts in organizing events like this that inspire others and bring our community together.”