Climb Aboard the New 75 Express!

Getting to and from Miami just got easier and faster thanks to the new 75 Express Bus. It provides direct service from the park and ride lots at the BB&T Center in Sunrise and Miami Gardens Drive (@ I-75) to the Miami Airport Station, where you can transfer to local rail or bus to destinations throughout Miami-Dade County.  

This premium bus service has started, and readers can get a FREE 3-DAY PASS to try South Florida’s nationally recognized transit service today. Western Broward and Miami-Dade County residents can now easily join the thousands of South Floridians who use Express Buses each day to get to work. For more information on how to get your FREE 3-DAY PASS, go to 

The 75 Express Bus is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and operated by Broward County Transit. It builds upon the success of the 95 Express Bus and 595 Express Bus services, which continually receive rave reviews. Riders who use those bus services rate them satisfactory or above satisfactory. 

Fast, Comfortable, Convenient

The Express Buses are used primarily by riders who own their own cars, but welcome the convenience, comfort and cost savings of commuting in the coach-style buses. One-way fares on the 75 Express Bus are available for as little as $1.30 and monthly passes cost less than $100. The 75 Express Bus will offer free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned comfort, comfortable seating and will travel in the express lanes for faster more reliable travel times. Service will be provided every 30 minutes during the peak morning and afternoon commute times. 

Commuters can take comfort in knowing that life’s little emergencies are not an issue thanks to FDOT’s Guaranteed Ride Home program. This government-funded program will cover the cost of Lyft or taxi rides home if the Express Bus is unavailable and you need to leave work early for an emergency or have to stay late for unscheduled overtime. 

A Better Way to Commute

This new, premium transit service is designed to get commuters from western Broward County to their places of employment in Miami-Dade County quickly and reliably. Morning service begins as early as 5:40am with continual buses running until 9:40am. The afternoon commute begins at 3:45pm with the last bus leaving the Miami Airport Station at 7:20pm and scheduled to arrive at the BB&T Center by 8:24pm.  

“The new 75 Express Service demonstrates continual growth of our commitment to residents to continue making it easier and more convenient to use public transit. The 75 Express will offer better connectivity to Miami and give commuters an economical and stress-free option for traveling to their destination, especially those who live and work along the I-75 corridor,” said Transportation Director Chris Walton.

The Express Bus system is a core component of the express lanes along I-75, I-595 and I-95. The express lanes are multi-modal facilities designed to reduce traffic congestion and promote choices in how and when residents commute. Instead of paying a toll, or relatively higher tolls (typically during high-traffic times), 75 Express Bus riders can now enjoy the time-saving benefits of the express lanes at no additional cost.


To get your FREE 3-DAY PASS Go to