It’s Time to Smell The Orchids in Plantation

In early October The Plantation Orchid Society had their annual auction at Plantation’s Deicke Auditorium. For over 5 decades the club has been an essential part of the community by educating those who share a love of this hobby. The diverse group of enthusiastic gardeners consists of those new to gardening, those with years of experience, and those who are certified Master Gardeners.

“We try to provide guidance for our members and nurture the love of orchids in our community,” stated Angela Puca, Plantation Orchid Society Public Relations Officer. “Our society is 50 years old and the auctions have taken place almost from its start. The camaraderie that exists between the members is genuine and quite enjoyable.”

The annual event is the organization’s only annual fundraiser in which proceeds allow the group to provide interesting speakers for their members at their monthly meetings. Each speaker shares their unique expertise and knowledge with the dedicated members. Topics include planting, repotting, pest elimination, proper care and maintenance, propagation and cross breeding, orchid selection, and more. Additionally, raffles and refreshments are always a bonus to each meeting.

“The proceeds of the auction are fundamental to our society so that we can continue to provide orchid education, care, culture and conservation,” said Rose Maytin Plantation Orchid Society President.

This year’s event did not disappoint. There was an outstanding selection of orchid plants, and not one plant was left at the end of the evening. The bids were reasonable, but for those not interested in bidding, orchids were priced for sale. Delectable home-baked goods kept attendees happy as well.

Maytin is not only the Society President, but she performed as a natural auctioneer. Member Corky Llewelyn built a 7×7 wooden rack to hang plants on which was snatched up quickly at a bargain price. The board of the Society works like a well-oiled machine due to Treasurer Beverly Warde’s phenomenal organizational skills coupled with the friendliness and team spirit of its members. 

“From time to time, I would glance at the crowd of bidders and everyone seemed to be smiling.  Our President not only auctioned the orchids, but she entertained everyone also with her quick wit and refreshing sense of humor. This was a fun evening had by all which gets better every year,” added Puca.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm at Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Road in Plantation. If anyone would like more information on Plantation Orchid Society, please call Phyllis Durst at 954-584-4796.