Falcon Cove Sixth Grader Makes Strides in Promoting Health and Wellness

Adrian Gandara is taking his message of health and wellness to the streets – literally. The Falcon Cove Middle School sixth grader has been running a 5K a day since December 9th in effort to inspire people to get active and to remind everyone that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

“I decided to do a 5K a day for six months because I wanted to challenge myself and get more in shape, and also to motivate people and tell them that they can do anything as long as they try,” shares eleven-year-old Adrian. “I want to motivate everybody and tell them to never give up and don’t let your dreams be dreams. If you think you can do something, then you can. This is the message I am trying to spread through the world.”

He is reaching a wide audience via his YouTube channel, Fit with Adrian. He uses the social media platform to motivate viewers to get in shape, eat healthier and feel better about themselves. It features posts on nutrition, demonstrations on how to stretch properly, and offers fitness advice to followers.

Adrian says sometimes he needs to follow his own motivational advice. “It has sometimes been hard to wake up every morning and go run because I am feeling tired. I have also had times where I don’t feel well, and I don’t feel like running. I know that there will be challenges that I would have to overcome, and when it happens, I just fight through it.”

He’s hoping his pledge to run 5K a day motivates his peers. “Kids are just turning lazier and lazier with all the video games that are coming out and they never want to work out. This is why I want everyone, especially kids, to be more fit.”

A runner since age four, Adrian is committed to his sport. He says he began running organized 5K’s when he was only seven-years-old. His first “real” race was Weston’s Memorial Day 5K in 2014. Today, he is a member of the Falcon Cove Middle School track team, where he has achieved his three best mile times.

Adrian’s goal to run 5K a day for six straight months ends on June 10th. Afterwards, he says he will vacation at a beach house in Puerto Rico with 15 family members. “It’s a great way to celebrate finishing my streak, at least I think so!”

Besides running, the active young man also enjoys playing soccer, basketball and football. Adrian says he doesn’t like to stick to just one sport.

The one thing he is solely committed to is spreading his message about the importance of getting in shape, being healthy, and feeling good about yourself.

To watch Adrian Gandara’s YouTube channel go to www.YouTube.com/FitWithAdrian.